Kefalonia Mount Ainos


Location: Ainos

Mount Ainos in Kefalonia: Ainos is the highest mountain not only in Kefalonia but also of all islands located in the Ionian Sea. It is 1628 meters tall and bears great ecological significance in terms of local biodiversity.

The National Park of Ainos was established in 1962 with the purpose of protecting the flora and fauna in the area and is now part of the network “Natura 2000”. Among many wildlife species, Mount Ainos is the natural habitat of foxes, birds, ferrets and wild horses. You will also encounter small lilac flowers (Viola Cephalonica) and one of the rarest types of fir trees in Europe, Abies Cephalonica. The trunks of these fir trees are particularly dark in color and so dense that Ainos was given the name Black Mountain (Monte Nero).

There are many forest paths you can take and the route is a must for all nature lovers who visit Kefalonia and enjoy hiking. The dense vegetation is particularly refreshing during warm summer days and the high points of the mountain offer a truly unforgettable, panoramic view of the island. The ruins of an ancient temple and a few monasteries are also located on Mount Ainos, including Agios Eleftherios and Zoodochos Pigi. Near the latter, you will find a natural fountain, too.


Skala is located at the south – east corner of the island.

Skala beach is 3 km long, with different places to explore, with areas with fine sand and others with small pebbles with absolutely beautiful colors. You will also find several other activities like scuba diving, water sports and other things to enjoy your day. Besides the beautiful scenery and the long sandy partly organized beach, you can also find a variety of banks, public services, supermarkets, cafes, bars, restaurants, pharmacies and many more.

Skala is located to the south – east side of Kefalonia and about 36km from Argostoli. 
You can reach it by taxi or bus ( check here to find more informations about public transfers ) or you can rent a car from our car rental fleet here and give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the best experiences on Kefalonia.