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Is driving in Kefalonia difficult?
Do I need an International driving license to drive in Greece?
What are the speed limits in Greece?
Are there special rules for driving in Greek islands?

 Here are some insights…

Hiring a Car is the best way to explore Cephalonia island. However, driving in a foreign country might be a little different from home due to our hilly landscape and narrow roads.

Below, we provide some tips for driving in Kefalonia, so you can drive in confidence during your holidays

Driving regulations in Greece
How is it with driving in Greece? Read our tips below and drive safer and easier in Kefalonia island.
Roundabouts on the island
The general rule in Greece is to give way to traffic from the right. The main difference in Greece is at roundabouts, when approaching a roundabout you stop and give way to traffic entering the roundabout

Use the car horn
Using the horn for no reason is illegal. However, it has never cost a traffic fine to someone.
For your safety, we recommend you to use the horn before going around the corner in villages or corners with limited visibility. In that way, drivers coming from the opposite direction will keep aside.
Ask for normal unleaded “95”
Most of the cars use 95 octane unleaded unless you use a diesel or drive a car which needs super unleaded. Most of our cars use regular Unleaded 95 fuel.
There is service in all petrol stations in Greece, you are asked how much fuel you want to be refilled
Use low/correct gear
Unless you hire an automatic car on Kefalonia, you need to use the correct gear depending on the road angle and your speed.
When driving uphill we recommend the use of 2nd gear, or even 1st gear if needed.
Remember to use the clutch as less as possible to avoid mechanical damage. Touching the clutch to raise rpm will not give your car more power.
When driving downhill, never drive in neutral or using the clutch. This reduces the car’s stability. Instead, use 2nd gear in downhill, or 3rd maximum.
Mind the sign
The sign system on Greek islands is a bit tricky. Αpproachs crossroad and junctions slowly. You will not always find a sign before a crossroad. At Joyridehire you will get any assistance needed to explore our island with safety.

Selfies , Photos and View Points
Drive carefully and and be focused on the road, don’t carry away of the countless beauties and views of our countryside. Dont stop unannounced on the road for photos and viewing points, use your hazard lights in time and check your mirror before you hit the brake.
Driving and Parking in the City or popular locations
We recommend to leave the before driving inside the town center. Parking situation in Argostoli is very difficult especially over working days. This applies also on popular destinations, prefer to leave the car before so you can avoid difficult parking situations and traffic.

Gasoline VS Diesel
Diesel engines were introduced for private use cars only the last few years in Greece. With Joyridehire on Kefalonia’s hilly roads, we prefer the Gasoline engines’ torque curve. You have more engine power in each gear. PLUS, gasoline engines have lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions!

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